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Would you like Cheese with that Wine?

People are drinking more. Honest, they are. Not sure if it is an escape from the economic climate, or just a fun, entertaining trend, but I have been in quite a few homes lately that have a bar area. Martini’s were definitely in last year, and now it seems to be a mixture of old fashioned hard liquor, straight up, and a heck of a lot of homemade concoctions. People are even buying Moonshine (who knew you could?).

So, whatever the reason, and even if your favorite drink is sparkling water with a slice of lemon, why not get creative, and make your bar area a decorative part of your home? When I started looking for some photographs, I found that re-purposing unused and over-sized furniture seemed to be the most common solution; entertainment centers, televisions and kitchen dresser’s were used a lot. Makes sense; some of these pieces are very well made, and no longer used, so why not give them a new life?

One of my favorite ideas is the television set (above). Just the look of it makes me want to smile, put on a pair of high heels, and pour Don Draper a shot of whiskey. So, while I plan my drink-serving outfit, here are some ideas that may make you re-think hiding that funky bottle of moonshine behind the olive oil…

Photographs were borrowed from Pinterest, Tumbler and Pottery Barn.

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