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Would you like Cheese with that Wine?

People are drinking more. Honest, they are. Not sure if it is an escape from the economic climate, or just a fun, entertaining trend, but I have been in quite a few homes lately that have a bar area. Martini’s were definitely in last year, and now it seems to be a mixture of old fashioned hard liquor, straight up, and a heck of a lot of homemade concoctions. People are even buying Moonshine (who knew you could?).

So, whatever the reason, and even if your favorite drink is sparkling water with a slice of lemon, why not get creative, and make your bar area a decorative part of your home? When I started looking for some photographs, I found that re-purposing unused and over-sized furniture seemed to be the most common solution; entertainment centers, televisions and kitchen dresser’s were used a lot. Makes sense; some of these pieces are very well made, and no longer used, so why not give them a new life?

One of my favorite ideas is the television set (above). Just the look of it makes me want to smile, put on a pair of high heels, and pour Don Draper a shot of whiskey. So, while I plan my drink-serving outfit, here are some ideas that may make you re-think hiding that funky bottle of moonshine behind the olive oil…

An armoir, an entertainment center, or an old wardrobe. So Easy.

So obvious, it has to be mentioned. Just borrow a shelf from your bookcase. 

A vintage filing cabinet has lots of space for bar and entertaining accessories as well. 

A decorative tray can be brought out when needed, and stored away until your next party.

Still with a retro vibe, this one is new; from Crate and Barrel, it folds up when not in use. 

I love this idea for a vacation home, or a party (anywhere). An old Bread Box, metal crate, or Tool Box would be perfect.

Photographs were borrowed from Pinterest, Tumbler and Pottery Barn.

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