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Growing up in New Zealand, I never gave too much thought about design, and why my mom decorated our home the way she did, but in hindsight, she actually taught me so much:

  • that beauty doesn't have to be complicated.

  • that no matter what, a home should always be comfortable.

  • that how we live really matters.

  • what we choose to surround ourselves with, makes us (and everyone around us) happier.

Years later, I accidentally moved to New Jersey, fell in love with budget decorating, and decided to attend the School of Interior Redesign in Connecticut.  Since 2007, I've been helping people to see the potential in what they already have, redesigning homes, organizing, consulting and home staging.

In between working with design clients, I've also taught classes at the local community school, and love to write about everything to do with life, style and home.

Fast forward a decade or so, and life has changed again - design took a back seat while the world confronted far less frivolous issues, and not that we're all healed, but we're adapting, and design and self-care are back in our lives. Cautiously in a different light. Virtual seems to be the way to go, both for convenience and safety. At first, efused to adapt, but now,  

A regular contributor for the blogs of Sherwin Williams and the ADE (Association of Design Education) I also have my own blog, edit for other writers, and been featured in many online publications, including:

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal July 2016
, May 2016 and October 2013.
Beautiful Living
Forsyth Woman
Coach Sue West

* Wendy is a professional member of  the Association of Design Education.
For more information on Wendy and her design approach, check out the "what we do" page. 

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