Home is one of my favorite words. It's where you want to go to at the end of the day, and where you should feel comfortable and taken care of.
And, it should look beautiful. I hesitate to use that word, but it's okay because we all have different definitions of beauty; mine is a very comfortable and eclectic style - I am ridiculously sentimental, and I like to see what I love (which can easily translate to clutter if I am not careful). Other people like a more simple and calm approach, with lots of pairs, and a very quiet, almost empty space. That's okay too. 

Because what I do for a living isn't about me, or my best friend's style, it's about yours.
It's about working together and finding the pieces you really love, discovering what you need to make
your home more efficient, and weaving them all together. Yes, it may need a little organizing, and
some gentle, editing along the way, but seeing your home through someone else's eyes is the best way to be reminded of what you have, and where you want to go.


When you ask, I will give you an opinion on a paint color, or go shopping with you to buy new furniture, but my goal is for us to try and always use what you already own first.

I grew up in New Zealand, and while I never gave too much thought about why my mom decorated our home the way she did, she actually taught me that beauty doesn't have to be complicated, and that no matter what , a home should always be comfortable; that how we live really matters, and what we choose to surround ourselves with makes us (and everyone around us) happier.

So, whether you are a little bored with a room, need some help making a decorating decision, want to get your home organized, or staged and ready to sell, drop me an email, and I would love to help!

                                                                                    - Wendy E. Wrzos

p.s. I am a certified Interior Redesign Specialist and Freelance Writer. For a few more details about my background, bio and press mentions,  pop over to the etc page.

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