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"Thank you, thank you, for coming to the house last week and for helping me "see" myself inside my space. I know it took a while to figure out what was most important to me.... You were so patient as I worked through this quandary

I finally feel that I am seeing the real reflection of who I have become.I am so relieved and excited to begin".

     Truly wonderful job Wendy!

Thanks Wendy, you are the best!!!!! 

Wendy was excellent to work with, friendly, punctual, thoughtful and fun to be around.
We contacted Wendy after our house was on the market for a few months and averaging four showings a week, yet we still no offers. We decided that we need to shake things up and get professional help. Our house was already de-cluttered and clean and kitchen and bathrooms were recently remodeled, but we needed help showing it to its fullest potential.
Wendy spent half of the afternoon and well into the evening helping us re-arrange furniture, bookshelves, lighting and home décor to suit any buyer and to stage it to look like anyone would wanted to live there!
And she did it all with stuff we already owned!
Within a few weeks, we had a strong offer! It was money and time well-spent (and my husband was a little skeptical, but he’s a believer now)! Thank you, Wendy!

Wendy listened to what our needs were and she created a warm space that accented our finer furniture and blended-in our older pieces. She re-organized the wall art so that we were surrounded by treasured images that we couldn't really appreciate before the make-over.

By thinking “outside the room” she hit a home run ...

Wendy, you read my mind!  Thank you!

When my husband and  I first thought about putting our house on the market a friend of ours recommended Wendy. We called her to set up an appt..  Wendy could sense our urgency and set up an appt. that week to see our house.
She walked in and not only talked about staging but also discussed colors ,organization and de cluttering.  Our minds were instantly put at ease.
After we had the house painted and floors refinished , we called Wendy to help us stage the house.  She came in and moved furniture and used items we already had to emphasize space and color.  The house looked so spacious and inviting.  
She also was instrumental in helping our real estate agent take pictures for the multi listing that showed the house in the best possible way.  In less than a week we had an offer on the house.
We feel that  Wendy also was more than a stager,  she is a person who eases your transition into selling mode by helping you feel confident in what you are doing.  
Thank you Wendy for all you have done for us.  We could not have done it without you.

“Wendy’s move-in services helped make our move across country to a new place feel like home within 2 days! 

Her calm demeanor was well-needed when we were surrounded by boxes. 

Her amazing creativity and listening skills resulted in great use of the open layout of our new townhouse, making it comfortable for everyday living and perfect for entertaining as well. ”

Wendy, we could not have done this without you! Thank you so much for helping us sort through our seemingly mess of a home and seeing what we couldn’t! It feels like a totally different house, and now we have a plan for what we need to do. We might never move!
Thank you again!

Kindest regards, Diane

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