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Worth the Wait!

Like so many people, and for no particular reason, I love different shapes; whether it is a table, a mirror, or something that I just haven’t seen before, I like things that are a little “off”, a little unusual. With character. The problem with this, if you want to call it a problem, is that because they are one of a kind, when I see something, I almost always have to get it.

I never regret buying what I love, but I confess that I do have things that have been constantly moved around my house for over 20 years, just because I like looking at them, but were never quite sure what to do with them. One of my favorite things is a pair of vintage light fixtures; oddly shaped, I could never get them to fit anything modern, but I adored them just the same. All I really do is put them on a pile of books, or use them to fill a space. I still enjoy them, but I always feel a little sad that they no longer have a real purpose. I imagine their previous life to be in some cheap, art deco hotel, being turned on and off  while people smoke cigarettes, drink scotch, and ponder the rise and fall of the stock market.

One day, while my light fixtures were just sitting on a shelf, our downstairs fan broke. (Well, it broke with 14 teenage girls turning it on and off during a birthday party sleepover). I had always hated the fan anyway, but I needed to get it fixed, as we did use it during the Summer months (or, more often, when the smoke alarm went off near the kitchen). As the electrician replaced the part, I glared at the fan I hated, and began to wonder about replacing it, or, at the very least painting it. Honestly, it had about as much character as a pre-chewed blob of gum, and I couldn’t believe I had allowed it in my house for so long.

As I replaced the plain, white glass I remembered the vintage light fixture sitting on the shelf. Never imagining it would fit, I promised myself I would go and buy a new fan, but first I would just see how the vintage fixture would have looked. With a little encouragement, and a smaller bulb (I may never get it off) I got it on. And, I have loved it ever since!

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