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What is Art?

Quite often, people declare that they need a “piece of art” to complete their room. That they are looking for the perfect painting to hang over a sofa, or above a fireplace. They don’t want a print, because it is too generic; they want something original, which often translates to something that they have not yet found, and, even if they did find it, it would probably be too expensive for their current budget.

So, they wait. The room is never finished, and the painting is never found. Eventually, something odd finds its way there, but it doesn’t quite fit, and no-one really likes it, but it seems to fill the space (sort of).

Art isn’t complicated; it is simply a visual expression of creativity, and can be represented in almost any way that you want it to be.  If you like looking at it, then it could be defined as Art, therefore,  couldn’t you put almost anything you want on your wall?

The world is filled with amazing things, so don’t let conventional thoughts prevent you from taking full advantage of what you enjoy. Whatever your design style, or need, you could definitely find something other than a normal painting to express your personality and decorate your home.

– Bicycles.

– Words and numbers.

– A favorite photograph (or several) – enlarged to poster size.

– Hats, handbags, and accessories hung on beautiful (or unusual) hooks.

– Vintage air vents.

– Wooden signs and shapes.

– Frame dried tree branches, or attach a small tree from floor to ceiling.

– Maps.

– Homemade art.

– Plates, tea cups and kitchen collectibles.

– Boxes and baskets.

– Old license plates, record or book covers.

– Windows, mirrors and glass.

– Almost anything else you can think of.

(p.s. Although still a painting, the Bacon and Eggs are not at all your typical piece of art; they are a delightful, whimsical creation of  Simple Mom).

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