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What Every Room Needs

You know that I cringe at rules, but now and again we all want a simple answer to something that we can’t quite figure out. We want to know what the magic is, what other people have, and how we can get it before we have to run off and do something else. I do it myself, and in a mad moment I will find myself googling the most ridiculous of things.

So, in answer to what I got asked twice this last week, 

here are seven things that I think every room needs.


A room can’t breathe without a touch of something inky dark.

 It doesn’t have to be much,

but a smudge of black here and there (even a squiggle on a pillow) 

will add something that is almost inexplicable but so necessary. 


Nature rarely does straight lines. 

Organic curves and shapes will bring warmth, life, 

and a natural, reassuring comfort to your home.   


Something from the past.

Whether it is an old photograph, a vintage piece of furniture, 

or a beloved book from your childhood,

it will always invite a question and a story.  


Represent yourself in a very personal way. 

Old or new, you must have something that you absolutely love, 

beyond a shadow of a doubt, in every single room. 


You don’t even need to own a book.

 Shelves will instantly add interest to your room, 

while organizing your endless collection of bits and bobs

 into a neat, confined little rectangle.


We are a fickle bunch, and we like to look at pretty things.

But we don’t need a designer. 

If it makes you happy, and you like the way it looks, 

then it will be beautiful to you. 


Every home should have some. 

It feels calming, balanced, and energizing all at the same time. 

For moments of green without commitment, 

grow a plant, use apple scented shampoo,

draw a picture with a green crayon,  

and spend at least fifteen minutes wondering why people eat artichokes.

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