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We’re Moving In Together!

Two blenders, four sofas, one bicycle and twenty-seven lamps……………Whatever the circumstances, moving in together can be wonderful (and crowded). What do you do with it all? How do you blend styles and function into one home? Who’s “stuff” gets priority?

Whether you are moving into someone elses already furnished home, or buying a new place together, try to be realistic about your plans. With two households colliding, take a look at what you really think you need, then assess what you have together. Keep the sofas and chairs that are the most comfortable, and in the best condition, regardless of who they belong to. Don’t automatically keep something just because it is easier, and already there; you are probably hiring a truck (and possibly a storage unit?) so take some time when you try to merge your belongings. The goal is to make a house feel like your home, not that two people are just existing together in the same space.

Compromises always have to be made. If you absolutely must keep the La-Z-Boy recliner with the 48 oz cup holder and refrigerator in the armrest, then do so, but, be fair, allow room for her treasured set of pink appliances.

When buying for the first time remember that large pieces of furniture are expensive, so make these decisions based on quality and adaptability (neutrals?). Your tastes will change as your grow together, and your budget may be limited for a while, so be fussy about the big decisions and less concerned with the box of memories that appears on your doorstep.

No matter how much you do the Math, two households can’t fit into one space, so be thoughtful of each other’s needs and belongings; time spent planning your new home will make it a much happier place to be!

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