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Warm Colors to Chase Away the Cold!

It’s two weeks before Christmas and we are starting to get our freezing cold, windy, nasty weather. The type of days that make you just want to hide under the covers with a book and an endless supply of hot chocolate. It’s so cold that the dog just looks at me when I open the door. He backs away from me, wagging his tail; determined to please, but positive that there is nothing outside that really needs his attention. He waits until I am not looking before he jumps onto the blanket-laden sofa. It is the perfect place for him; he looks at the Christmas tree, trying to decide which gingerbread cookie he will steal next as he lazily watches the world go by.

The blanket he sleeps on is old. Knitted by an Auntie many years ago, it is heavy and warm, the colors bright and clashing. It is a Winter blanket. Living in a house that is about as insulated as a paper lantern, I have begun to realize that when the days turn colder I need to adjust my house as well as my wardrobe. It seems so obvious, but we respond differently to textures and color depending on the weather and the circumstances. I truly believe, for me, that I need to surround myself with warm, rich colors (and textures) to make myself feel warmer! A pale blue, cotton blanket, while wonderful in the Summer, will often feel (and look) cold in the Winter, whereas a dark blue, wool blanket will bring me warmth and comfort on an icy afternoon when the sun goes down.

My love/hate relationship with Winter is always better when I accept these changes, when I put on the woolly sweaters and fill my home with strong, deep shades. Cool-colored throws are hidden away until the Spring, and I add lots of plaid and homemade blankets wherever I can. Uncoordinated as they may seem, this is exactly what brings them together; they are bold and imperfect, they are meant to be curled up on (or under). Be indulgent in your design ideas, think cozy and organic, with a dash of whimsy. Wrap a pillow in an old fluffy sweater. Use a gigantic glass bowl to hold your gloves and scarves, or an assortment of twigs and pine cones that you found somewhere outside (or in the supermarket!). 

More than any other season, Winter is about spending time in our homes, so why not have some fun and decorate it with things that make you want to curl up and stay…..

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