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Walls – Pick a Color….any Color

One thing I get asked, time and time again, is how to pick a new color for a room. Many of us watch design shows, and are often told that everyone “should” have color on their wall. The theory being, that color makes the furniture and accessories “pop”, it brings a room together, and it kind of says that we are not afraid to take a decorating risk.

We all covet a room that feels warm and welcoming, and often, the room that we admire in the photograph has more color than we would have in our own home. However, if  you feel like a change, and decide to pick up the paintbrush, here are a few thoughts before you begin…..

Color will:  – Cozy up your room.  – Enhance your furniture and accessories.  – Hide dirt, fingerprints etc.   – Be a definite style statement.  – Need more cans of paint to get effective coverage (and a colored primer). – Show imperfections in the wall (spackle fixes etc). – Appear darker in the Winter months. How to choose a color:  Always find an inspirational piece to give you a direction – look through home magazines, watch design shows, choose a favorite painting, a color from a piece of clothing etc. Get a sample (s) and paint it on a large (3 x 3 foot) piece of paper or cardboard. Move it around the room, in different spots, to see what you think. If you are not sure, try another color. Upload a photograph of your room to a Room Visualizer on-line. While not perfect, it will give you a good idea of what your room may look like with the new color. 

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