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Wallpaper Art

I remember wallpaper, growing up, to be either anaglypta (a thick, embossed wallpaper) large brown and green squares or, sometimes, a very flowery concoction that reminded me of prairie dresses and things that were overly cute. Their role (roll? 🙂 was to decorate the walls and cover imperfections.

After many years of this, wallpaper was exiled; people were tired of the busyness of it all, they wanted cleaner, more neutral spaces. Thoughts of scraping someone elses glue and paper off the wall sent home owners searching for simpler ways to decorate. Paint became the de rigueur.

Now, like any good fashion trend, wallpaper is back again; gracing the covers of magazines, with the designer elite singing its praises as a beautiful and bold way to accessorize our homes. It has now become Art.

I am glad; anything that makes decorating easier, and can be put on a wall, makes me very happy. Now, the wallpapers are easier to apply, and, more importantly, easier to remove. As a statement on a wall, or a backdrop for another piece, designs are made to be graphic, but tasteful – adding to what you already have, with just a little bit of star power, rather than stealing the entire spotlight.

Bringing modern freshness to all styles of homes, this old idea may just become your new, favorite piece of paper!

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