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Thoughts On A Sofa

Buying a sofa (or couch) can be complicated. It seems so easy to say “I am going to buy a sofa”, but, like buying a car, it has to be the right fit for who you are and what you expect it to do.

We all want a sofa to be comfortable, but we all sit differently……and we are all different sizes. For myself, I like to sit curled up against the left side of the sofa; I don’t like to sit up straight, and I like the seat to be quite deep, enveloping me so that I feel all cocooned and cozy. I like a straight back, with lots of pillows that I can move to fit where I am. Too much extra padding, while always more comfortable, can add a lot of unnecessary bulk to a sofa. Always measure before arranging for a piece to be delivered. Having a smaller, older house means that my doors are narrow, and some pieces of furniture need to be taken apart to get them inside. Actually, some don’t fit at all, and have to be returned, whereas others have to wait on the front lawn while someone removes a door, unscrews the legs or takes out a very large window.

A sofa should fit your home. Do you want it to be formal or casual? Will you have children and pets sitting on it a lot? How many people need to sit on it?Would you like a modern, simple design or a rounded, squishy one? Will a pattern look nice in your home, or would a simple color be better? Did you know that Leather can feel cold, or that Microsuede leaves imprints when you sit on it? How big will the imprint be? Are you ok with that?

Of course, the list of questions is endless, and never make yourself crazy about a decorating decision, but it does warrant a little bit of thought. My best advice is to always sit on a sofa before you buy it, and remember, most importantly, it should fit your bottom AND your life.

Sofa from: Morosa

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