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Things that Bling!

Unlike Magpies, I am not attracted to shiny objects. If I buy something new for my house, the next day you will find me sanding or painting it, trying to make it look older than it is. I am the same with clothing, rebelling against beads or sequins, no matter how appropriate they may be for the occasion. Even jewelry; preferring vintage to modern, I will always let my silver tarnish, and I would rather wear glass beads than diamonds (really!).

As a decorator, I worried that this would be one of my challenges; something that I have to work at, because it goes against my personal style. But, oddly enough, what I realized was that every home, regardless of its style, needs a little sparkle. How you decide to add the sparkle is up to you. It doesn’t have to be a chandelier dripping in jewels (although I think I have fallen in love with the one in the picture), it can be something as simple as a glass bowl filled with apples or a pretty, ceramic vase on a shelf.

A window, perhaps, could be the easiest solution; even if they aren’t clean, open the curtains and let the glass be part of the decoration. Anything that transfers light around a room will work. Hang mirrors or necklaces in unexpected places for a pretty, practical type of energy.

A little shine makes all the difference. It becomes the vehicle for light to reflect and bounce around a room. Without it, a home could appear dull, bogged down by its opaqueness.

So, even if you are like me, and hesitate to use things that “bling”, be cautious, but add some anyway – you just might fall in love!

Many thanks to Erickson Beamon for his fabulous Glam Rock Chandelier image!

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