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The Pantry Secret

Y’know when we drool over those kitchen makeovers? The one’s where everything looks so neat and organized? Where we wonder if they are even real, and if the owner has ever yelled at their children, or snuck downstairs in the middle of the night to eat a slice of pizza? Do you notice that when they open the pantry we don’t see torn boxes of cereal, and fallen over bags of rice – piled together on a shelf, barely closed with a chip-clip and a dash of hope?

Of course, they have to look insanely pretty because it is a photo shoot (and a messy kitchen isn’t going to inspire anyone, or sell the next issue of their magazine) but it’s also because every good, working kitchen has a secret.

We sometimes think that only serious cook’s have fabulous kitchen’s, but whether we cook every day of the week, or grab handfuls of cereal on our way to work, we all deserve a space that makes life easier, and is as efficient as it is good looking.

A coat of paint will always freshen things up, but the thing that unites these kitchen makeover’s is one simple idea – almost everything that can be eaten, or used to create something delicious, is removed from its package and stored in a clear container.

Contrary to what we might think, it’s not about being pretentious (they can be as inexpensive or as fancy as you like) it’s about loving food, and enjoying your kitchen. So, whether your favorite food group is chocolate (yep) or you spend hours making a bouillabaisse in your pajamas, we all need to eat, so here are some reasons why you must make it more pleasurable, and go out today and get some clear containers. 1.  Saves you time. You will always know how much (or how little) you have left of everything. 2.  Keeps things fresh. They will extend the life of your ingredients, and save you a heap of money. 3.  A neater pantry will always make you happier than a cluttered one.    It just will. 4.  No more surprises. Nothing worse than opening a box of cereal on a busy morning, and tipping out three, stale cheerios and some pixie dust. 5.  You can see exactly what you have. Instead of trying to play detective with the small, oddly-shaped, folded-over, rubber-banded, half-eaten packet of something.

To buy: The modular containers are from OXO – they cost approximately $10 each, and can be found on their website, as well as Walmart, JCPenney’s, Bed Bath and Beyond etc.  The set in the middle (Flour, Pasta, Rice and Sugar) is from Birch Lane ($30.) Apothecary Jar is from World Market (approximately $25.)

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