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The Joy of Moving!

I know lots of people who are moving house at the moment. Whether they are moving for work, or changing towns to be nearer to family, it can be overwhelming trying to remember everything.

With the amount of stuff in my home, I know, that if it was me, I would probably fall into either denial (or panic) mode. Neither of which is good, but, I do have a few ideas that would also make it a whole lot easier on myself: 

  1. Look at it as the perfect opportunity to get rid of as much as I can. If I don’t love it, or have to live with it, I will donate, sell or throw it away. 

  1. Have fun with my (slightly) obsessive tendencies, and write as much information as possible on those cardboard packing boxes. (It’s about priorities; I know I will be so grateful when I can find my favorite spoon for the mocha chocolate chip ice cream at 2am).

  2. Make a list of what I have to do when I first move in (contact utility companies, buy ice cream etc) along with a list of any important phone numbers.

  3. Charge all electronics the day before, just in case. 

  4. Check my calendar for the next week or two, and keep it nearby (it’s easy to be distracted, and forget to pay a bill or keep an appointment).

  5. Be nice to the moving men, and ask for as much help as possible. Write down ahead of time where the big and heavy items need to go, and post it for everyone to see (in case I’m not there when they try to park my baby grand piano in the middle of the worlds tiniest kitchen).  

  6. Have a first and second day plan. Know where I will sleep, what I will eat (we know that already), where the shampoo and toothpaste is, and where my clothes are.  

  7. Embrace my inner teenager, and accept that I might be living in chaos for longer than I would like. 

  8. Play with the placement of my old furniture before I rush out and buy something new. (It will look different in a new house, and we both need time to adjust).

  9. Try to have at least one room that feels almost “done” to me. A room where I can take a break, sit with my ice cream, and remember what I forgot to do….

p.s. The photograph of Audrey Hepburn is a publicity shot from the movie, Sabrina, taken in her home by Mark Shaw in 1953.

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