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The Ick Factor

My kitchen garbage is almost overflowing this morning, but I don’t mind. It is tucked away in a vintage cupboard, and no-one can see it. Of course, I will empty it soon, but if I had to look at it, out in the open, I would be mortified. And, I admit, it would cause me a wee bit of stress.

Having a lovely home is personal, and we all have different styles, but no matter how much we love our home, we still have to deal with the ick factor. Sometimes, it’s the utilitarian things that distract us the most, creating the biggest impression in the worst kind of way. Sadly, a beautiful room can be quickly undone, if we choose to ignore the things we don’t like.

Useful things are the warhorses of our homes; they do so much, work very hard, and we need them.

Garbage Cans and Toilet Brush Holders are two of the worst design offenders. Even the words make us cringe, but every home has them, and just because we don’t like them doesn’t mean that their ugliness becomes invisible. We all use them, so why not give ourselves another excuse to decorate, and accept the ick factor on our own terms? Here are three easy ways to get you started…..

  1. Treat them as an accessory – a decorative feature that goes with your room. Be adventurous in your choice of texture, size, shape etc. Ignore convention in favor of good design.

  2. Make them invisible – blend them into your home decor. Buy subtle colors (or ones that coordinate with your room) and stay with low profile, classic, simple designs.

  3. Keep them hidden – store in a cupboard, or under a sink. Losing one cupboard to a garbage can may be worth it to you. 

Think of useful things as just another creative opportunity (or, a reason to go shopping). Either way, here are a few photographs for you to look at (while I go and empty my own garbage…….)

Photographs borrowed from….. Trash Bucket (Urban Outfitters)  Simply Human Cream Garbage Can (Amazon) Flower Bucket and Brush (Remodelista)  Red Kitchen Cart (Wayfair) Wicker Basket (BasketLady)  Under Cabinet (Cliqstudios) Red and White Striped Can (Sears)  Green Retro (Rayfei)

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