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The Difference Between a House and a Home

Today was “take your child to work day”, and as part of the deal, I dragged my daughter around a furniture store looking for items for clients, then asked her to write a blog post for me. All I asked was that it had something to do with home, style, life etc. So, with immense pride, I am sharing her very first blog post with you…..

I like to believe that we live every day to go home every night. Home is so commonly thought of as a place to live, a building, an investment, or the place that holds all our stuff. It has gotten to the point where the word “home” has become so superficially used. Not every house is a home, and not every home is a house. Houses are built with pipes and beams, homes are built with hand-signed memories and countless astonishing imperfections. It is because of this, that in my head, it only makes sense that a home can also be a person. What we all love in the concept of a home is the consistency. The place that you will never cease to go back to. On the best and worst days of our lives, our homes are the places we run to first, and the people we go to tell. Home is the place that we feel safest. The place you go or the person you see during an intense thunderstorm. The spot that you think of first when you are left directionless. Home is a feeling, a consistency that is essential to our happiness. Homes are not perfect. Actually, it is highly unlikely that something perfect can be a home. It is when you leave, that you start appreciating all the imperfections. That one corner you always stub your toe on, the ever so slightly uneven floors, the chips in the paint on the wall, and the little piece of dust that always seems to find it’s way back into the corner. It is nothing less than amazing how at the end of every day, we have somewhere, chock full of beautiful imperfections and timeless memories, to call our home.                  

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