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The Design Lazies

Well, vacation time is over, and my 69 year old Mum has just left. After spending three wonderful weeks together, I have concluded that either I am one of the laziest people I know, or, she is a super-human alien from another planet. Unfortunately, I have documented proof that she is not an alien, which I guess means I can be a wee bit lazy. So, on behalf of all the lazies, I thought I would offer up some design ideas that are quick and (almost) effortless:

  1. If you do nothing else, make a good impression. Paint, stain, or at least, de-cobweb and clean your front entrance. Throw away any dead plants, and fix anything that is broken. If you can be bothered, add a colorful plant.

  2. Remove the pillows that came with your sofa, and replace them with ones that you really like. (They don’t have to “go” or match).

  3. Have some fun, and display a collection that you had forgotten about. Or, store away some things that you don’t love quite as much as you used to. Keep your collections, together, in one spot. (Plastic Trolls on a shelf will say that you are quirky and love Trolls, but scattering hundreds of them all over the house might say that you have 37 ferrets and knit sweaters out of dryer-lint).

  4. Use an over-sized, real rug in the bathroom. It gives more personality to the space, and it won’t get damaged from a few wet feet.

  5. Buy a lamp that is a different size and shape from one that you already have. Every home needs more light; they add instant architecture, and are, of course, practical.

  6. Change the lampshades that you have. If they are plain, then buy a patterned one, and vice versa. 

  7. Be mindful of your furniture legs. Too many “legs” showing in a single room make it feel uncomfortable. Mix your skirted pieces with exposed legs.

  8. Always have a real plant, or a bunch of flowers (twigs) in your main living area. It will make you happy, and people will assume that your house is cared for and, therefore, “decorated”.

And, finally, being lazy doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. Forget about what you “should” do, and consider these ideas for your more traditional pieces:         – If your dining room table has begun to feel too formal, use kitchen chairs instead. (Check out bulk stores, flea-markets and garage sales for inexpensive options).         – Bring an outdoor bench inside. Use it in any room for extra seating. (Add pillows or paint, if needed).         – Hang your chandelier in your foyer, kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom, and put something more unexpected over your dining table.          – Move your china cabinet into your living room. Accessorize it as if it was a bookshelf. (This is one of my favorite things to do). Take the doors off if you like.          – Place a bedroom dresser by the front door to store your gloves, keys and any last minute things that you might need. Or, take inspiration from the main photograph above; removing the drawer makes it far more useful (the open space could also store books or games) and it would be perfect in a large bathroom or cozy guestroom.

Thanks to Sacramento Street for the lovely photograph.

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