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The Curvy Home

Have you ever hugged a curvy girl in spanx? Yes, they serve their purpose for making us feel better about ourselves in a fancy dress, but, as they work to smooth and soften the appearance of what we think are too many curves, their actual construction makes our bodies feel unusually firm, and, well, to be honest, a lot less welcoming to the touch.

You might be wondering what this has to do with our home? Well, you see, homes need softness and curves too. Too many hard lines, firm surfaces, and calculated symmetry, also make a space feel unwelcoming. At first glance, it may look quite perfect, but, like spanx, as soon as you move in and get closer, the more you want to rip off the illusion and relax into something that feels warm, cozy and inviting.

As odd as it may seem, this comparison came to me as I began to try on wedding dresses; no matter your size, there’s a shaper for you – something that hides underneath, holds you in, pushes you out, and molds everything into the perfect, girly shape. Because a wedding dress is all about the illusion, the perfect photo-op, and nowhere does anyone ever presume (or even suggest) that a wedding dress should be comfortable, and the bride be remotely huggable.

Which made me really begin to think about illusions and reality. Would I be disappointed (frightened even) if I went au natural in my wedding dress, or, was it better to embrace the bridal illusion, turn myself over to the fantasy of it all, and wrangle my curves into a much more pleasing shape? Honestly, I’m still not sure, but I do know that one of the nicest compliments I have ever had was when a friend said that one of her favorite things in life was whenever I gave her a hug!

Hugs aside (and contrary to what you may have been thinking after reading the opening paragraph) a curvy home doesn’t need to be pleasingly plump, lovingly eclectic, and filled with oversized, squishy pillows, but, it does need certain elements to help soften the edges, and give it that quintessential, relaxing, Sunday afternoon feeling. Because, regardless of style, I’ve never heard anyone say that they would like their home to feel less welcoming and even more uptight.

It just doesn’t happen - even the most formal of homes need to relax a bit and bring in a few curves to join the party and play nicely next to all of that carefully, curated beauty. A curvy sofa, or an oversized, circle of decorated mirror above the fireplace brings life to a structured space and immediately balances out the boring.

In the world of design, circles and curves create a sense of completeness and movement – a continuous energy that gives a feminine moment to a space, and, in the more spiritual sense, circles represent the infinite circle of life.

So, it makes sense that curves are a good thing for your home, but does this mean you have to redecorate your entire home to reap the benefits of a circular life? No, not at all. It just means, that if your beautifully decorated room still seems to be missing that certain something, it might be time to embrace its imperfections, add some comfy softness .....and check for curves!

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