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The Beauty of Ordinary Things

The other day I went to sleep with most of the windows open. It was one of those deliciously breezy nights, where I almost didn’t care whether I slept or not; all I wanted to do was listen to the trees, feel the cool air, and dream of sweet, Summer days.

But, because of the breeze (enough to send a vase flying, and knock almost everything off my desk) I balled up a t-shirt and put it against the bedroom door to stop it from slamming shut. As I lay back in bed, thinking my lovely thoughts, all I could think of was that I had just crumpled up one of my favorite tops. Yes, it needed a wash, but now it would also be covered in dog hair, the cat will probably sleep on it, and the image of it being on the floor didn’t exactly fit in with all of my idyllic imagining…. So, I got up, put it in the laundry hamper and grabbed a favorite rock off my dresser to place against the door instead (everyone has rocks in their bedroom, right?).

This week, inspired by my favorite rock, I wanted to share with you some photographs of a few ordinary, beautiful things.

Photograph Credits: CHANDELIER – Wendy’s,  BUTTONS – Kate Kessling,  HELLO MAT – The Store,  PLATES – Pinterest, SOAP DISH Pinterest, MASON JAR SOAP DISPENSER – She Knows,  EGGS – Wendy’s,  SHAVING CUP –  Butcher Shop Glasgow, STRING TIN – Pinterest,  I LOVE CAKE – Pinterest,  ROCK DOOR STOP – Shelterness,  DUTCH OVEN – Ebay

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