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Step Inside

We rattle on so much about curb appeal, and having a lovely front door, that we sometimes forget to talk about the moment that we step inside. The outside is all about keeping up appearances, and being nice to the neighbors, but the inside is where we have to live, and the first, honest impression that we give to ourselves (and others).

It doesn’t matter whether you have a hallway, a grand foyer, an entrance, or the world’s tiniest welcome mat, but it does matter what goes on there. An entrance doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should feel cared for, and be as useful and bright as possible (no-one wants to fumble around in the dark, uncertain of where to go or what they might be tripping over).

Next time you go home, take a look at what you are really walking into. Are you dancing around slippery tile, dropping your groceries as you try to reach over the laundry to throw your keys onto the nearest flat surface, or do you take a deep breath, step inside, and feel happy to be home?

Whether you do it for yourself, or just to impress others, maybe it’s time to re-think your entrance.

This makes me swoon! It isn’t a large space, but the luxuriousness of the wood and the leather just make me want to spend an afternoon here. Forget that it is an entrance, add a few practical elements,and decorate it just like any other room.  

Okay, so I know this is a bit dreamier than some of our homes (it is, after all, a bed and breakfast rental in the English countryside),  but they have used the space so well. If you have an odd area under the stairs, put a comfy chair there, or hang a few hooks for keys, coats and bags.

Older homes often have nooks and crannies that make absolutely no sense in the 21st Century, but they can be still be incredibly useful. A colorful wallpaper makes this spot look like it was born to be the perfect place for your coat and shoes. 

I love this because it is so easy, is immensely practical, and I love the quirky collage above the door! What a perfect place to draw the eye up, share your favorite pics, and decorate at the same time. If the idea of a vase of flowers worries you, buy some good quality, colorful fakes from the craft store, and put them in a gorgeous, over-sized (garden?) pot.

A colorful door at the end of a hallway will cheer anyone up, and makes no apologies for being a smaller space. The coat hooks and narrow table give you ample room to keep everything organized, and the mirror adds a ton of light and practicality.

* Thank you to House to Home UK for the top two photographs, Home Away for the 3rd, Adorable Home for the 4th and 5th, and Freshome for the last.

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