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Spring Cleaning (in Winter)

Every Spring, when Winter has finally left, I look around my home and feel a bit disappointed.The ground outside is thawing, little bits of color are peeking out, but inside my home feels dingy and cluttered (closed in, tired, and filled with too many things). It happens every year, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Then, within days the garden comes to life; the sunshine is a little brighter, and all of a sudden there are not enough minutes in the day to get things done. I become overwhelmed with things that I “must” do.

When it’s really cold, I can’t be bothered to run outside to take things to the garage, so I put them in cupboards and onto shelves, waiting for a warm day. Eventually, after almost six months of this, my home becomes a hodge-podge of orphaned items that really don’t belong in there. Add to this, the hibernating effect of Winter, and my home becomes a candidate for prescription medication.

So, this year I’ve decided to do things a little differently. Instead of bemoaning the cold (well, I will always do that really) I have started to Spring clean my house now. I cleaned my kitchen the other day, and pulled everything out of the cupboards. Plonked what I didn’t want into the car, and drove around with it until I was forced to go out into the cold (again) and deliver it to the local thrift shop. Then, in anticipation of a not-quite-freezing day, I collected boxes of “stuff’ by the front door. One day, armed with warm gloves and a coat, I traipsed it all into the garage and put it away, tidying as quickly I could before my fingers started to go numb.

Two weeks ago I repainted my counter-tops with new “counter-top” paint (wouldn’t really advise it in the bitter cold, it is nasty smelling and takes a few days to cure). I love them now that it’s finished, but don’t do it with young children or pets in the house with you, it’s very strong, oil-based paint and the fumes take a while to dissipate.

Yesterday I went through all of my filing, yes, all of it, and threw away more than any grown woman should have. In lieu of a shredder, I found great satisfaction in setting them on fire (safely, of course), which made the whole process seem quite exciting! This weekend, I will venture into the closet, maybe the basement and even consider painting the Living Room again.

I know it seems like I am playing games in order to make it through until Spring, and you’re right, but truthfully, it’s fun to play games in your own home!

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