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Sit Back And Relax, You’re Home!

Here are six easy ideas to make any home feel comfortable the minute you step through the door.

  1. Have a doormat inside and out, they make everyone feel welcome.

  2. Buy several large, white pillar candles. Light them, then blow them out. This automatically gives the impression of warmth, and makes a home feel that it is lived in (an unlit wick will have the opposite effect).

  3. A blanket draped on a sofa always invites you to sit down, put your feet up and relax.

  4. Piles of magazines, catalogs or books are just asking to be picked up and looked at. 

  5. Get personal. Display something that you love, that reveals (or explains) who you are. A word, a painting, an object? 

  6. Always have live plants and/or flowers in your home. Their natural energy helps to create a balanced, peaceful environment

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