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Same blog, different spot...

As most of you know, my blog has been a bit absent (I say that kindly :-) over the last couple of years, but now I'm happy to say that it's up and running again. I'm not quite up to posting once a a week, but I'm well on the way - the creative voices are back (I'm never quite sure if that's good or bad ha-ha) and the words and paragraphs have started dancing around again in my head, jostling for some outside attention.

So, with the global integration of certain browsers, and my old blogger app bringing us "exciting updates", which is code for "we're changing the format and deleting many of your favorite blogging features", I've decided to move my blog permanently from blogspot to it's own page, here, on the blue giraffe website . The previous site will remain for the time being, but I've also shared my old posts to their new blog home on the blue giraffe website (

In hindsight, this is actually a great change, because it gives me more options, is much easier (and more fun, visually) to scroll through the posts, and it helps us connect all the blue giraffe dots :-)

I've imported the subscriber contact lists, so hopefully the blog will continue appearing in your email in-box - the format's a bit different, but you still just click the link. Finger's crossed the transition is seamless, but if you have any questions, or something doesn't seem to work right, please feel free to email me and we'll figure it out together :-)

Thanks for your patience, and we'll see you very soon in your in-box!

- Wendy

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