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Refrigerator Redo

I don’t really like my refrigerator.  In fact, I admit that I sometimes watch cooking shows, just because I like to see their appliances. Never, ever do I see one that has a refrigerator like mine; their’s are always saturated with color, vintage, or lusciously new in stainless steel. Which leads me to think that most people  secretly crave a beautiful refrigerator, we just can’t justify the expense.

Personally, I believe that there are good, logical reasons for me to be slightly fridge obsessed, and I choose to ignore the fact that my mom once had to physically restrain me from buying a 1950′s yellow refrigerator at the local thrift store. Honestly, I still don’t understand why she wouldn’t let me buy it; when you opened it, it was a designer’s dream – chrome baskets that begged to be filled, and all sorts of levers that twisted and turned to open the drawers. So what if it needed to be re-wired, and would cost insane amounts of money to keep my food cold, we were talking about instant happiness.

After being denied the yellow refrigerator, I forgave my mom, and decided that the least I could do was to make mine look better. Now, I justify my slight obsession with my own version of common sense.

– I decant my milk into glass bottles. (It stays cooler, and has no plastic taste).

– My eggs sit in a metal basket, on the counter. (I can bake at a moments notice, and they are always at the right temperature).

– Mushrooms are kept in labelled, brown paper bags. (They can breathe, don’t get soggy, and last longer).

– Vegetables are placed in vintage mixing bowls and dishes. (I can see them, and therefore I will eat more of them?).

–  I line up yogurt’s in a square container. (Easy to grab, and don’t fall over).

– Orange juice is in a clear jug. (I can see when it is time to buy more).

See, to some people, it is just a way to keep food, but to others it is a reason to decorate. Right now, I don’t have my favorite refrigerator, but there is no harm in dreaming, and adapting what I already have.  One day, I will have a wonderful, vintage inspired refrigerator, and it will be pale green (or blue, or maybe yellow… or pink).

Photograph borrowed, with envy, from the Big Chill website.

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