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Pic-nic (pik-nik) – an outing that is shared, outside, with food…

What is nicer than a picnic on a Summer’s day? I imagine sitting in an unmown field filled with daisies, the manicured lawn of a historic castle or a ragged, cliff-top overlooking the Aegean sea. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of; lovingly described in the well-worn pages of my old storybooks.

Picnic’s happened a lot when I was little. Mum and Dad would pack sandwiches and drinks, along with old blankets and a few sweet treats for afterwards. We would head to the seaside, a public park or sometimes just to a nearby hill (!) for the afternoon. It always felt like a Holiday – a day off where my sister and I we were playing hookey, allowed to run as far away as we wanted to; coming back when we were tired, for soggy tomato sandwiches and warm fizzy drinks in a shared cup. It was bliss!

Now, as old-fashioned as it may seem, a picnic is still a wonderful way to spend the day together. Go to a local park or beach, and spend the day doing as little as possible! Bring along books, magazines, games and bubbles (leave the technology at home).

Check out the latest picnic accessories that will make your day more comfortable (fully equipped picnic baskets with cutlery, napkins and plates, water-proof blankets to keep your bottoms dry, and even metal spikes to hold your wine glass in between sips!). Pack food that will hold up well and won’t get too soggy – ham, cold fried chicken, cheese, bread, chips and fruit are all easy to pack. Prepare it beforehand, so that you don’t have to worry about knives and forks when you get there – finger food is always best!

Bring lots of napkins,and have fun!

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