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No Peeking in the Windows

So, the house next door to us just sold, after four years of being empty. They appear to be gutting it, and workers are there every day moving and building goodness knows what. I am happy it sold, and glad that the house will be lived in again. It has been neglected for so long, but it has good bones, and is historic; all it needs is a little tender loving care. It will be wonderful for the house to become a home again.

But, I don’t have a lot of curtains in my home. I like to see the sky during the day, and am fortunate to have a lot of trees and wildlife where I live. Plus, I tend to have a penchant for hanging other things on the wall, so to add window treatments kind of messes with my design, and can really overwhelm the already existing decorative clutter.

I know window treatments can be beautiful, and are immensely practical, but they are not my favorite thing. For those that remember, when I tried to buy Living Room curtains several years ago, I actually ended up with cream colored blankets and handmade copper curtain rods (which I still have). And, my bedroom has two panels that are too small to close (that was all they had, and they were in the loveliest moss green suede…sigh… Totally ignoring their lack of function, and opting instead for their fickle and pretty looks).

Not that I run around doing rude and unsightly things in my home (well, apart from Naked Tuesday) but now that we have new neighbors, I have to re-think the windows in a couple of my rooms. It actually makes me feel like my own worst client, because I know what I need to do, but I am metaphorically stamping my feet because I don’t want to do it. Still, getting changed in the morning, peering across the trees at the contractors, is making me a little unsettled. Realistically, unless they are about 15 feet tall, with the world’s largest telescope, they can’t see a thing, but it falls into the “If I can see you…” category of thinking.

I think that window treatments are a bit like deciding what clothes to wear:

  1. Decide on the occasion (the reason you want/need them). Are you blocking out the light, hiding from the neighbors, or just want something pretty to match the sofa?

  2. What is it going to be worn with (other pieces in the room). Is your room minimal, busy, colorful, utilitarian, modern, organic, traditional? 

  3. Check the size (length and width of windows and ledges). Do you want the entire window covered all the time? Do you want an abundant look, or for it be more tailored. Higher than the window, or inside the molding? Do you enjoy cleaning blinds, or are you a once-a-year-in-the-washing-machine type of person? 

  4. Stick to your budget. If you can splurge on custom window treatments, then do that, but if not, don’t be afraid to look at the ready-made items at the larger retails stores. (They have easy return policies, a large selection, and prices are very reasonable).

See, if giraffe’s move in next door I’m in trouble….(especially on Tuesday’s).

Photograph from The Giraffe Manor in Kenya (definitely adding this place to my bucket list). 

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