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Luxury For Less

Our January credit card bill is here. We wonder how we managed to spend $423. at the dollar store, what made us buy four identical black sweaters, and is it too soon to ask the postman if he ate that nice box of chocolates that we mailed to our friend across town.

This is typically not our favorite time of year, and while we ponder the meaning of life (and wiggle into our too-tight jeans) maybe it’s time to cheer ourselves up with a little bit of inexpensive, but indulgent, decorating. Believe it or not, it’s not always money that makes a home feel rich, so if you’ve got a few hours to play with, and are looking to cheer yourself up (without adding dollars to your credit card bill) why not shop your home, and bring some luxury back into your rooms.     A TOUCH OF BLACK

Even if it is your least favorite color, every room needs some touches of black. It visually anchors a room, and adds interest, elegance and mystery to a space.

KEEP IT MINIMAL Simple, composed collections, and vast empty spaces are calming, which makes a home feel luxurious. It implies that you are quite confident in your personal style, that you have just enough of what you need, and that no explanation is necessary.


Don’t laugh, but this says a lot about who you are, and most importantly, it shows that you also value things that are not necessarily valuable.


ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART Have a favorite photograph enlarged to gigantic proportions, paint your own design, or find an affordable piece from a local artist.

Be excessive in your choice. Fill a wall. Give it pride of place, and just let it be by itself. It doesn’t have to make sense, or match your decor, you just have to love it!


Whether you share it, or live alone, your bedroom should be the space you have always dreamed of. 

Spoil yourself. Make it enviable – a favorite place that you can’t wait to go to at the end of the day, and a room that makes you feel grateful to wake up in first thing in the morning.


Use far more than you need! To add decoration, to bring in the light, to reflect something beautiful, and, of course, for looking in before you step out into the world.


Casually draped over a sofa or chair, their lush softness reminds us of a more elegant time; when travelling to far off places was a special occasion – an adventure waiting to happen, filled with leather luggage, coordinated outfits and personal tour guides.

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