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Instant Happiness for your Home

Did you know that certain shapes, colors and scents will automatically make your home happier? Why not include some of these ideas next time you decorate, or, just for fun, incorporate them into a very small area of your life and see if they make a difference.

Use Curves – A circle will bring you more happiness than a square or rectangle. Consider furniture with soft lines and curves for a more lovable (livable) home

Add Yellow – Even if it is not your favorite color, looking at something yellow will give you a boost of energy. What about using a yellow cup to start your day, or planting a lovely yellow rose?

Look at a Bicycle – Not sure if it is the old-fashioned shape, or the prospect of adventure, but seeing a picture of a bicycle will increase your serotonin (those feel-good chemicals that we get from eating lots of  chocolate).

Provoke a Memory – Use “things” in your home to subconsciously remind you of happy times as often as you can (a photograph, a rock, a shell, a treasured gift, anything that makes you smile and brings back a good memory).

Open Up – As often as possible, open your curtains and blinds. And, at least once a week, open up your doors and windows for as long as you can (even on the coldest days). Your home will breathe a sigh of relief, and you will feel refreshed.

Make your Bed – Studies everywhere say that if you make your bed, your day will be automatically happier than if you just left it in a big, crumpled pile.

Nurture Nature – Bring in fresh flowers and/or plants when you can, and take the time to care for them. They purify the air, release oxygen and lower your blood pressure.

A Hint of Vanilla – Anywhere you can use it, the scent of vanilla will cheer you up.

Just for Fun: – Play loud music, and dance around the house when no-one is looking. – Walk on your tip-toes. – Give names to all the inanimate objects in your home, and talk to them for an entire day. – Paint something you don’t like, with a color you absolutely adore – see how it makes you feel. – Buy a coloring book and crayons. Keep them near for moments when you need to de-stress.

Enjoy your week!

p.s. Beautiful bicycle from Lovely Bike Blog

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