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Inside goes Outside

For many of you, the outside is just another place to sit; a place to soak up the sun, have your morning coffee, or take a break from the everyday. But for some, it is an extension of your home, somewhere that demands a little bit of personality before it can be fully appreciated.

Last weekend, I spent some time decorating my patio. I planted some flowers, moved some furniture around, and tried to figure out how I wanted it to feel. When I was done, I knew it wasn’t right. It needed a piece of furniture. From inside.

A dresser, a mirror, a trunk – something that added warmth to the outdoor bits and pieces that were already there. As I searched my garage and cellar for that certain something, I knew it was impractical. Mirrors would craze, furniture would warp, and fabric would absorb the rain giving us all soggy bottoms when we sank into the cushions. But there was something about it that appealed to me.

I am not suggesting that you take your antique dining buffet and place it the garden, but I do think you should consider looking for something different that would add character to your outdoor space.

We often get caught in the land of “should”; we shop for garden furniture in the garden center, or the outdoor section of a retail store, just because that is where we think we should go. But, what about all the other possibilities? Flea markets, garage sales, and even your home, will often have items that are inexpensive, unique, useful, and unused. If you rescue old furniture and accessories, why not take them outside to be enjoyed?

Dangle a broken light fixture from a tree (pull out the wiring, stick a candle in it, or wrap it with LED fairy lights), cuddle up on a red, squishy sofa, and fill an old dresser with BBQ equipment, plates and utensils. Hang a mirror to capture more light, brighten a table with a coat of paint (even the most boring plant will look more interesting sitting on it), and don’t even get me started on the absolute beauty of an old Persian rug casually placed on a concrete patio…

Bringing indoor “stuff” outside, makes a space feel comfortable and cared about. Inexpensive options are everywhere; they should be enjoyed, and they are already absolutely less than perfect (in the best possible way…).

Gorgeous photograph from Tori and Dean’s Shabby Chic Wedding

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