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Global Romance (at home)

Do you remember the romance of travel? Exciting days spent planning a trip, deciding what to wear, and knowing that you would be well taken care of along the way. Lots of pleasant smiles, an extra blanket before you asked, and food that actually tasted good; presented in pretty little packages, with a knife and fork that didn’t bend when you tried to cut a soggy, overcooked green bean.

It used to be fun, and, not that long ago, it was a special occasion to go overseas or take a cruise. We could wave people off, and they would actually have a few moments to stand and wave back. Now, we are herded into tired lines, scared to carry a piece of fruit, and forced to weigh our toothpaste.

But, all is not lost; thankfully, the nice part of travel can still be provoked, and the souvenirs of years ago can easily be found. Vintage pieces mix with the new; reminding us of adventures taken, and how getting ready should be a process, not an App and a pair of slip-on shoes.

Whether you romanticize the past, or have a passion for other countries, here are a few ways to celebrate the old-fashioned joy of travel (without even looking for your passport).

Whether you travel, or not, never forget the adventure….

Thank you to: for the Mural, for the Stuffed Elephant, for the Luggage for the Globe for the Vintage Note Postcard, and for the Vintage Airplane Postcard

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