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Fashionably Designed

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

With Fall nudging its way into our homes, I love to settle down with Fashion magazines. To me, Fashion and Home Design are connected. The best stylists know how to balance scale with texture; to create a look that is always interesting, and sometimes provocative. Decorating a home is exactly the same; no-one opens a magazine to be bored, and no-one ever aspires to look at a repetitious, impersonal space. What we look at should always evoke some kind of feeling.

The latest Fall fashions make me hyperventilate with joy; a sumptuous combination of rich colors, tweed fabrics alongside ridiculously oversized, girlie taffeta skirts, and accessories that just beg to be noticed. While these looks are often exaggerated, their message can often be applied to our everyday lives.

I have attached several editorial photographs. The first one is a classic, retro look, the second, a beautiful study in neutrals, and the third, a playful mix of pattern and texture. If you forget their original purpose, they could easily be used as pieces of artwork, or, even better, inspirational guidelines to decorate your home.

Whether or not you love Fashion, pick up a magazine now and again. Notice the way that their photographs are styled. I am sure it will make you think differently about your home.

With many thanks to: for the retro photograph, and two other magazines (whose names I have forgotten) from which I tore out these pages.

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