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Excuse Me? Are You Comfortable Yet?

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

My cat’s litter box sits at the bottom of a pantry cupboard near my kitchen; it is the second biggest cupboard in my house, and it is prime cat real estate. My canned tomatoes and pasta have to squish on a small shelf in the other room, obsessively organized, all because my cat uses their cupboard. And, because the dog can’t resist eating his food, my cat now eats out of a handmade pottery bowl that blends into the living room, and sits on an old vintage dresser.

We all do strange things to make our pets feel at home, and designing around them, or in spite of them, is always interesting to see. For me, my vanity always wins, and I prefer to disguise their belongings, or hide them away; it doesn’t mean I love them any less, it just means that I don’t want to trip over a dog bed, or find myself waiting for the cat to finish sweeping up before I can take my turn in the bathroom.

So, with pampering in mind, here are some designs to make your pets life very comfortable….

Top Dog and his Fur Bed from Fireplace Dog Bed from Campbed Dog Bed, Egg Cat Bed and Wool Rock Cat Bed from Retro Cat Litter Cabinet from Kitchen Dog Bowl Cabinet from Blue Nightstand Dog Bed from Kitchen Dog Bed Cabinet from Kitchen Cat Litter Cutout from

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