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English Thoughts Abroad

There is something very iconic about the Union Jack. Of course, all countries have flags, and many use them as promotional souvenirs and symbols of patriotism, but I think that the Union Jack may be the most decoratively used flag.

While reading an article about a popular British model, I was struck by a beautiful vintage flag that she had in her New York apartment (a Union Jack, loosely pinned up on the wall, implying that it wanted to be a headboard).  My mind fell in love, and I had to see what other Interior Designs I could find that were inspired by this graphic favorite.

I suspect the bold graphic has a lot to do with its visual appeal, but I also like to think that it (subliminally) fills our minds with thoughts of royalty, tradition and a murky reminder to move forward, hold our heads up high and carry on.

In this children’s room, it is nestled between the two beds; echoing the preciseness of the design, but (thankfully) adding a bit of personality, saving it from being just a little too sweet.

Perfect for almost any room, it evokes a certain nostalgic, pop-art vibe that is the muse for many designers. English designers in particular, are well known for incorporating the flag into their fashion, and some have even stepped into the Interior Design market, creating exclusive pieces for an elite list of clients.

This rug, by Vivienne Westwood, is fabulous in this home. The casualness of the setting totally belies the expense; it manages to feel a little undone, but enormously grand at the same time.

This rug is definitely another item for my designer bucket list!

Thanks to Vivienne Westwood for always providing inspiration, and The Rug Company for their gorgeous designer rugs.

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