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Emotional Insurance for You and Your Home

This week has been unusually busy for me; I have felt like I was chasing the train, instead of sitting in a comfy seat traveling to my favorite destination. Not someone who thrives on feeling over-scheduled, I found myself dreaming of bed-time, or, at the very least, walking through the front door, and into my home. I know I’ve said this before, but when you come home, it should be somewhere that makes you feel comfortable. It should welcome you in; your home should be your refuge, not a place that makes you roll your eyes as you turn the key. One of the simplest ways to do this, is by placing some tangibles around your home that will make you feel happy straight away, with barely any effort at all.  When I come home, I look forward to seeing my pink geraniums, the daybed with my Union Jack pillow on it, and no dishes in the sink. These small things instantly remind me of life, family, and how grateful I am to have a dishwasher. (In my perfect life, there would also be dinner cooking, and a fire lit). Making sure I have these things,  is like giving myself a little bit of emotional insurance.  Have you ever wondered what would give you a bit of emotional insurance when you walk in the door? Would it be: –   To see all the coats and scarves neatly hanging on hooks? –   A clutter free entryway, with all coats and shoes hidden from view. –   Seeing a favorite photograph before you even take off your coat? –   A vase of flowers, or a plant, on the table? –   A neat pile of books waiting to be read? –   A big basket for whatever you wanted to put in it until later? –   Having the coffee maker set, so all you have to do is press the button? –   Knowing your favorite comfy chair is free of stuff, so that you can have a sit down? Write to me, I’d love to know what is on your emotional insurance list….. (Squishy, comfy, patchwork chair from: Couch in England)

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