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Easy Dorm Style !

Beige corridors, led to beige doors, that opened unceremoniously into a beige (non air-conditioned) room. Optimistically ready for two, new students, a thin piece of cork lined the room, a plastic mirror hung from a piece of string and two curtain rods hung, crookedly, inside two small closets (without doors).

This was my first look at a College Dorm room.

It’s August, and plenty of students are beginning to plan their time in college. Finally allowed to leave home, the promise of freedom is a teenage vacation just waiting to begin. The reality, is a full class schedule and twenty eight people sharing three bathrooms – a complex life, crammed into a generic 12 foot square room.

With costs being what they are, parents are limited in what they can provide for the college-bound. Admittedly, it takes a bit of planning, but creating a Dorm Room that reflects who they are, and functions at the same time, is not as difficult as you may think.

Rooms may vary between schools, but decorating guidelines are usually similar – minimal (or no) holes in the walls, and no paint. Here are some items to make it fun and personal:

Eraseable, compact refigerator – share the cost with your room-mate – write notes, and store late night snacks at the same time.

Bamboo curtains – for those pesky, no-door closets.

Removable, adhesive hangers – maximum weight 5 pounds (not for mirrors or heavy breakables, but great for pictures and hanging bags, light coats etc).

Over-the-door mirror – saves time and space.

Mirrored decals – a useful, decorative, option.

Cork or fabric boards – should be used in abundance for notes, appointment cards, photos and any miscellaneous pieces of paper.

Over-the-door hooks – perfect for everything!

Desk fan – a lot of air, for a small price!

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