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Does it count if I’m wearing Pajamas?

  1. Try and keep your office folders and books all of one type/style. Whether you are a contractor or a writer this will help to keep your work space visually clutter free. If you are not sure what to choose just use all black stationary, it’s inexpensive and always looks good.

  2. Think of unusual pieces of furniture to store your PC equipment on. Traditional computer tables and desks are often too big and unnecessary, don’t overthink your solutions. Many electronic pieces are smaller than they used to be and you can easily store them on a small table or shelf that you may have already.

  3. Add artwork to inspire and motivate you. Some people find words and quotes to be helpful.

  4. Limit the amount of family photos and belongings that you have in your home office. I know as I write this that it sounds a bit callous,but I think that if you have the luxury of an office at home it is important to try and avoid blurring the lines. You will be less distracted and work more efficiently, if you and your family recognize that this is work and not just a parent playing on the computer.

  5. Find your most productive time of day, and let that be your strength. Make phone calls and important decisions during that time.

  6. Pretend that you work in a cubicle; at the end of each day tidy your desk and make a list for tomorrow.

  7. Anything that you can stick a pin into is a good thing (this sounds funny when I read it back, but you know what I mean). I am a visual person, I need my notes, colors, inspirations out where I can see them. Do the same with lists, phone numbers, anything that you need or want to be reminded of. Hang it in plain sight. Even small sewing pins can attach pieces of paper to a wall with minimal damage.

  8. Reorganize often. As your needs change so should your office space. Don’t be afraid to admit it is no longer working, get in there and move things around.

  9. And finally, put on your pajamas, grab a cup of coffee and get to work!

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