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Dining Room Good-bye’s

Someone asked me the other day where they could buy a new dining room set. It confused me for a moment, because we were sitting at theirs while we talked, and although it seemed perfectly nice to me, it turns out that this was the first time she had used it in almost a year.

As we thought of what to do, it got me thinking about the way that we live now, and how the dining room is becoming obsolete for many of us. So often, I meet people who just use theirs for special occasions; it is left feeling unloved and outdated, stale and abandoned until the next Thanksgiving.

Rooms shouldn’t feel this way, and while we are quick to complain about not having enough space, sometimes all we have to do is bring ourselves up-to-date, and find ways to re-use the space that we have.

1. Why not hand it over to the children while they are little? The dining room is usually near the kitchen and television area, so you can happily let them play in their own space while you get to keep a watchful eye on them.  p.s. Keep the chandelier – it adds a touch of glam, lights up the room without worrying about lamps being knocked over, and gives you (or the next owner) the option to return it to it’s former life.

2. How gorgeous is this room as a Home Office/Library?  I admit, that most of us don’t have gorgeous brick on our dining room floors, but if you add a rug, bring in your favorite books, pens, pencils and a laptop, you’ll soon have a space that everyone will want to spend time in.  p.s. If you have the energy, paint your china cabinet a fab color before you bring all your bits and pieces in.

3. Why not forget the dining table altogether, and buy a pool table?  Did you know, that taking a few moments to match the fabric and style of a pool table to your home actually costs no more than using the traditional green felt we see down at the local pub? p.s. Decorate around it the way that you would any other room, with a nice pendant lamp, some art on the walls, and a few comfy chairs.

4. Paint your china cabinet (and use it for anything other than china.  Many cabinets are not made of quality wood anyway, and some of them, no matter how hard we try, just can’t escape the uglies. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and if you’re nervous, go for something classic like black or white, or, just paint the inside back panel and see where it takes you. p.s. After you’re done, fill it with endless craft supplies, childhood souvenirs, favorite books, plants, beautiful shoes etc.

5. Turn it into a Music Room. Storing musical instruments can be difficult at the best of times, but not if you use them as decorations. If you have the space, why not indulge in the luxury of a music room; paint it a gorgeous color, invest in a few organizers to help you hang guitars, LP’s, posters etc on the wall, and I bet it will quickly become your favorite hang-out room. p.s. A few non-musical decorations will add a bit of interest and sophistication.

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