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Designing with Energy

Y’know when you just have a good feeling about a place? It’s that inexplicable thing that is there, that you want, but can’t quite see.

Some people say that how a home is decorated can influence our emotional well-being far more than we realize. With the world moving faster every day, many people believe that the core of who we are has become compromised, which in turn disconnects us from our natural environment, and can make us feel out of balance with the world.

From a design perspective, this modern dilemma is one that can benefit from the ancient art of Feng Shui. Used far more often now, Feng Shui is no longer classified as a wacky trend that conjures up thoughts of burning sage and gibberish chants; it has become a respected avenue for many people who want their homes to be a nurturing part of their life.

I thought, for this week, I would share some simple ideas, based on Feng Shui, that can easily (and simply) improve the “happiness quotient” in any space.

  1. Begin with the entrance to your home. Energy is attracted to curves. Use plants or garden ornaments to “soften” any angular paths that lead to your front door.

  2. Encourage family and friends to stay by having intimate seating areas that are not too cluttered. Add accessories that represent life, warmth and/or movement (eg. mirrors, wind-chimes, pebbles, flowers etc).

  3. Attract positive, natural energy by bringing in any of these five elements – Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal. How you interpret them is up to you; no need for fancy waterfalls and sculpture’s, a plant and a metal bracelet is a good start.

  4. Open windows and doors as often as possible to circulate (and remove) stale air and refresh the energy in your home. 

  5. Bring calm, space and abundance to your home with mirrors, positioning them in small or unexpected places.

  6. Feel safe and secure by positioning your furniture (and beds) so that you can see anyone arriving or leaving.

When I first learned about Feng Shui, years ago, I was very skeptical about the whole thing, but as I went along, the premise of it started to make sense. This post is such a small interpretation of what it represents, but I hope it might be just enough to pique your interest ….

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