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Design "Do’s" for Every Home

Helping people in fall in love with their homes, is something that I never, ever get tired of doing. Over the years, I have learned to look at spaces with a certain amount of detachment; we all have different tastes (and budgets) and what we like should be respected, and is very personal.

Knowing what I do, friends have sometimes said that I should “Ignore the mess”, or “Please don’t say anything, I know that my living room needs to be redecorated”. When they say this, I can honestly tell them that I don’t look at their homes that way. If they want my advice, I will gladly give it, but to poke holes in the way that someone lives, without an invitation, is never welcome. Besides, who am I to throw stones? My home is often in a state of flux, or, at the very least, looking well-loved.

That being said, I have found, that there are some general guidelines that apply to almost every home, regardless of style or budget. Here are five of my favorites:

  1. GIVE EVERY ROOM A PURPOSE: Use the room for what it was intended, or, create a new use for it. Whatever you do, don’t use it as a storage room for Rubbermaid boxes, Christmas ornaments and a broken Futon (unless it is in fact a storage room – even so, please get rid of the broken Futon).

  2. HAVE TABLES WHERE YOU NEED THEM: Apart from filling out the design in a room, they are practical pieces of furniture. Where else do you put your coffee, book, snack, remote control, flowers (feet?).

  3. SHOW US WHERE YOUR FRONT DOOR IS: Every visitor should know how to find you. Make the door, and the way to get to it, obvious. Nothing worse than standing there, trying to figure out where to go.

  4. REMOVE ANY DEAD PLANTS IN POTS: Truth is, every home (I think) needs organic things in them (other than the people and their pets). Stems and mulch from a deceased orchid will make you feel depressed. 

  5. PLEASE THROW AWAY THE FUZZY TOILET SEAT COVER AND LITTLE MATCHING MAT: I realize that this can be one of those automatic home purchases, and I am not squeamish at all when it comes to cleanliness, but do you actually close the lid, sit on the cover and put your feet on the mat? Do you have men and boys using your bathroom?  ’nuff said.

Photograph borrowed from the Huffington Post

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