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Debunking the Myth: Small Spaces

Homes are like people; it’s the life that exists inside them that is important. Don’t be limited by stereotypes, consider these “truths” next time you hesitate to love a small space.

– Always paint with light colors:  Of course this will brighten a room, but a dark color in a well-lit room can look even better – cozy, welcoming and warm. – Small room, small furniture: Be wary of the doll house look. Yes, there is wonderful furniture out there that is scaled for apartment living, but too much of it can make a home appear off-balance and well, a bit weird… Combine large and small pieces for symmetry. – Using little, or no accessories, will make it appear larger: Avoid clutter, but do use your accessories to enhance the space. Mirrors will always bring in more light, and cluster your wall accessories a bit higher than normal to create interest and draw the eye upwards. – Beige and white all the way: Neutral pallets are a wonderful base for any home, but they have to be amped up with texture and/or color (otherwise the room will just float away into a sea of nothingness). – Keep floors clear: Area rugs are great in small spaces. They can visually anchor an entire room, and, an oversized rug, will usually make a room appear bigger. – Place sofas and chairs against the wall for maximum space: Yes, it will give you more square footage, but not necessarily more space. Experiment with angles and different furniture placements before placing them against the walls. – Built-ins and storage units are too big for small spaces: This is where you may need to measure and be creative. Think corner units, shelves placed high up and shadow boxes for display. Mount a television on the wall, or place it on (or inside) a piece of furniture that has additional storage.

Never underestimate the value of a small room; use it, play with it, experiment with scale and color. Make it into something wonderful!

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