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Cupboards, Dressers and Drawers…….

Where do you put your clothes? When I lived in England, many of us had wardrobes instead of closets. Tall, free-standing, ominous-looking structures, that threatened to fall on us when we were asleep; their height seemed disproportionate to their width, leaning slightly towards the middle of the room. Now that I am older, I love these gigantic pieces of history, their Narnia-like depth filled with old fur coats and boxes of secrets.

Here, where I live now, I have a small closet. A built in cupboard that is tiny; barely two feet wide, it does the job, but in a far less romantic way. I also have a chest of drawers for all things that lay flat. I found it at a flea market years ago, and I like that it is has an old label on the back from a furniture shop decades ago.

If I was in a really large house, I think I would love gigantic closets with lots and lots of shelves. A shoe and boot rack to keep things standing up, and small boxes with fancy labels that told me what was inside. Large, decadent coat hooks for scarves and necklaces and padded, black hangers for fancy dresses. A drawer for jeans, and one for cardigans – lots of each, folded perfectly, (magically) always in the right size………..

I think, that where we store our clothes is a personal thing, but maybe we should talk about it now and again.

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