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cake in a cup = Creative Perfeckshun

Most of the creative people I know think they are perfectionists, but are actually not perfect at all; attention to detail is there, and they don’t like to leave a task until it is done to their liking, but they are always open and creative in their approach. Put ten of them in a room, and you will not be able to hear yourself think, as they loudly give you more than ten different solutions to the same problem.

Some people say you are born to be creative, but I wonder if it is also a bit like a muscle; the more you use it, the more it works. Of course, we all have different strengths, and while being artistic might be in someones DNA, creativity might be something we can all learn to embrace, nurture, and have fun with.

Which brings me back to perfection. The other day, I read a really great theory; that creativity begins with letting go of having to do everything perfectly, and the willingness to discover other options. What they suggested was so simple, that I wanted to share it with you….

Practice making a recipe without having all the ingredients. Whether it is a meal or a cake, go ahead and turn the oven on, knowing full well that you are not prepared. Don’t dismiss Chicken Tarragon because you have no tarragon. (I don’t like tarragon anyway). Substitute thyme, or whatever is in your cupboard or your garden. If you don’t have any herbs, make it anyway, add whatever you feel like, and see what happens. The same with a cake. Yes, they say it is a science, but I often use a lot less sugar, and I play with the proportions and flavor, until the raw batter looks (and tastes) good to me. What is the worst that can happen? It’s still cake.                   

The joy of this is, playing with a recipe forces you to stretch that creative muscle, and to see that there are always other options around. After doing this a few times, you will start to look at everything else a little differently; there will automatically be more solutions to your problems, tarragon will disappear from your shopping list, and you will start to see the world in a far more interesting (creative) way…. p.s. Here is the yummy Cake in a Cup recipe.   p.p.s. Yes, we all have issues; it was not easy for me to press “send” with a deliberate spelling mistake in the title.

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