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Blending Houses into Homes

I don’t like labels at all; they make me feel confined, and I don’t want to assume that something is the way it is just because we have put it into some preconceived category with barely a second glance. Life is never that simple, and we are always evolving, so hopefully most labels will become a thing of the past as we discover new, kinder words for what we see.

But, blending is a word that I like very much. Whether it’s about mushing all sorts of odd and wonderful things together, or sipping the perfect vanilla milkshake on a Summer’s day, it’s a happy word, that sounds good when you say it.

To say the definition of family has changed is an understatement, and while some are moving apart, there are even more who are joining together; blending the people that they love into a new family, and very often, a new home.

The process of combining homes often means that everything (and everyone) is piled into a truck, bedrooms are assigned, and boxes are stacked; how you plan to decorate seems so unimportant compared to everything else that it usually doesn’t even make it onto the “Honey Do” list. But, once the dust settles, you realize that you just have too much, and what seemed like a good idea several weeks ago now means that you have more sofa’s than people, and you really don’t want to keep using that one bar of soap in the communal shower.

It’s a wonderful thing to join lives, but joining homes can be a challenge. There are a million guides to tell you how to do it right, and how to divide things up and plan it all out diplomatically, but honestly, every situation is different, and no amount of negotiation is going to make someone give up their favorite La-Z-Boy recliner. So, I think the best way to do it is to just know that there will be a few bumps in the road, and pretend like you are little kids again.

Be kind.

Don’t forget to share.

Take turns.

  1. Laugh often.

And, when in doubt, have a snack and go to sleep.

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