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Animals In Public

I have always shied away from animal prints; the thought of imitating an animal instantly took me to a place in my head with bearskin rugs and a stuffed moose above the fireplace. But, recent changes in design have proven me wrong.

Because decorating our home has become more of an art form, we are far more adventurous with our accessories, which in turn has made us demand a higher level of sophistication from the things that we choose. Style has evolved, and the animal print has now become an unexpected neutral in the current world of design.

Gone are the days when it was a cheap accessory; it can mix and mingle with the best of them, livening up rooms that may have become a little too quiet over the years. It’s whimsical personality and organic feel combine perfectly to bring interest to any spot that needs a little something extra.

No longer just for safari’s or a teenage girl’s room, a small, giraffe print or a bold zebra rug is guaranteed to make you smile when you enter the room!

Thanks to: West Elm and House Beautiful for the photographs.

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