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A Quick Bathroom Update

Whether we like it or not, the bathroom is the place that we have to visit at least several times a day, yet we often neglect it; which is silly really, because it is one of the smallest spaces we have, and can be updated with very little time and money. Okay, so not HGTV updated, but freshened up enough that you might even like it, and you definitely won’t cringe the next time you need to spend a little extra time in there. By the way, this isn’t about replacing taps and tile, or pouring your own concrete counter-top, it’s about the things that you can plan while sipping a cup of coffee, and do with barely any skill or thought …..

Paint I know it’s obvious, so why don’t we do it? The preparation might even take you longer than the painting, but if it’s small, and you are careful, you should be fine without too much prep. If your walls are a bright color, go cream or white, and if it is already fairly plain, try brightening it up with a color. (If your wall space is really small, check out your local hardware store for a can of “Oops” paint).

Replace your Shower curtain with something Simple and Luxurious White is often the best to brighten up a bathroom, but if you want a color, buy something soft and quiet, with a texture to it (like a waffle weave, or an unusual, cozy fabric). Ditch the themed curtains for a while.

Bring in Furniture If you have the space, add instant personality (and extra storage) with an old dresser, nightstand or shelf that isn’t normally used in a bathroom. 

Change your Shower-head Most just twist off, and there are so many fun and interesting options now. If you have children, or a large family, consider installing a hand-held shower-head to make it easier for hard to reach places, washing long hair, and rinsing off dogs and children. 

Organize your Storage (decoratively) Use a vintage crate or metal basket to store toilet paper and towels, and an over-the-tub organizer for shampoos and cleansers. If you want to have make-up and toiletries on display, keep an eye out for small, interesting boxes and clear acrylic containers (durable and decorative). 

Consider your View Do you really need privacy, or can you let the light in and get rid of the old curtains and blinds? 

Eliminate Daily Mess Hanging hooks on the back of your door for towels and nightgowns makes it easier for everyone to clean up. It might seem a bit wrong to make a hole in your door, but it keeps stuff off the floor and clutter off the wall. (You could even try those adhesive hooks, but I haven’t had much luck with them). 

Hang Art on the Wall This is where I recommend you go cheap. Vintage art and signs are great, because they have already been well-loved, and I always think copies of pictures and photographs are much safer than using originals in a damp environment. Inexpensive frames can be bought with “acrylic” glass, which still protects what you have but makes them less precious should they fall. 

Change out Decorative Hardware, and/or Paint your Vanity (white, black?) Not everything needs to be replaced, but some pieces show their age very quickly. To avoid being stuck in a time warp, buy simple, classic knobs, and paint out the ugly. 

Check your Light-bulbs See if you would like more or less light, and if the style and size of the bulbs is right for your room. Install a dimmer switch if you are feeling ambitious.

Add a Plant I think every room should have a plant to make it feel alive and cared for – even if it is a small piece of ivy in a glass of water.

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