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A Day in Bed

Every designer and health guru will tell you to take the technology out of your bedroom. It should be a retreat; a peaceful space to begin and end your day, to sleep, read, and do whatever else makes you happy. No clutter, no clothes on the floor, no unmade beds, and definitely no television.

But bed can be a wonderful place to be, and binge-watching television has become a current, cultural addiction, so put them together and the odds are that many of your favorite shows are probably already being watched in bed.

We all know a bedroom should be quiet and calm, but it can also be a place to indulge, so if you want to spend a day watching television, why not make a plan, order the pizza, pull up the covers, and have some fun.

Ideally, choose a day, write it on your calendar, and tidy up your bedroom the day before. The point is to make it as minimal and calm as you can, so you can concentrate on whatever you are watching, and feel a little spoiled at the same time. If you can’t be bothered to clean properly, just grab everything and get it out of sight; put it in garbage bags if you want, shove it in the closet, or hide it in your teenager’s room (they might not even notice).

Then, I would make up the bed with clean sheets and pillows. I know, I know, it’s a pain sometimes, but there is nothing more blissful than getting into a freshly made bed. Plan what you will wear, and again, it should be clean, not that shirt that you cooked dinner in last night, or that the dog has been sniffing at all day.

Run the vacuum if you are inclined, or not, but pick up any rubbish or things that shouldn’t be lying on the floor in the first place. By now, it should be looking quite nice, and you may even feel a little tempted to go to bed already, but you need to think about food, drinks and snacks.

Plan ahead, and buy some things that you love (finger food is best); you don’t want to spend your day rooting around the refrigerator for leftover’s, or having to decide between cooking an entire chicken or spooning up an old yogurt. And, do you have a night table to put these things on, or do you need to bring up something? Are you a fancy tray person, or are you a shove everything in a bag type of person? Even if you are the bag type of person, you need a hard surface, within arm’s reach, to put your drink on in between scenes (no matter how thirsty I am, I can’t hold a drink and watch Sons of Anarchy at the same time. And, I can’t watch it at night either, but that’s another story…).

So, you have your bedroom ready, and your snacks are organized. Oh, while I think about it, do you need a garbage bin somewhere nearby? Perhaps a little one, just in case your snacks are of the crinkly bag type.

The other thing I would probably do is turn off my phone, but that is entirely up to you. It’s your day, and if you don’t mind fielding calls and texting then go right ahead.

I think that’s about it. Oh, one last thing….. don’t feel guilty. For goodness sake, there is no point in planning a day in bed if you are going to feel that you should be doing something else, or that you are being some drain on society because you’re not running all over town like an organized chicken with your head cut off. (The world will really be okay without you).

We do all need some time off, and if you decide to spend your time watching television in bed, then that could very well end up being one of the best day’s ever…

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