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A Daily Dose

These last few weeks have been a bit topsy turvy, 

and last night found me just wishing for a few serene hours;  

with nothing more to think about than what we were having dinner,

 and whether or not I should tackle the gray hair that keeps peeking at me through the mirror.  

While I try to keep current with my media work, 

I have to confess that my business Facebook page has always been my daily dose of comfort and indulgence. 

At first, I worried about pleasing everyone, and I wanted to fit my posts into an exact design formula, but I quickly realized that all anyone wants is for you to be yourself.

They want to get to know you, then decide whether they like you or not. 

If you just show one side of who you are then people get bored, and it all starts to feel a little fake. 

I like not planning my posts. Being able to go from sharing a quick recipe for the perfect scone,  to gushing about a favorite new designer and exploring the latest trend in treetop homes.   

Of course, not every post will knock your socks off, 

but it isn’t meant to. 

It is merely a snippet of a little something that will hopefully make you smile as you pass on by. 

If you want to check out my blue giraffe daily Facebook page, just click the title below, 

and, if you would like some help creating your own one blog or page, just ask.

For more by Wendy and the Blue Giraffe, go to:

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