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A Comfortable Place

If I had to choose between comfort and good looks (in any part of my life) I would choose comfort every time. I think that every home should be filled with as many comfortable places as possible…

  1. A favorite reading spot, surrounded by books old and new. 

  2. A napping place, all soft and cozy.

  3. A thinking spot by the window, perfect for daydreaming.

  4. A chair at the dining room table, comfortable even when dining alone.

  5. A sofa, wanting us to curl up our feet, grab a blanket, and stay until morning.

  6. An office desk, almost organized, inspiring and personal.

  7. A family kitchen, warm and welcoming.

  8. An outdoor path, sunny and tickly on our toes.

Wherever you are in your home, try to do as much as you can to make it comfortable, because really, when you think about it, why would you want any space in your home to be uncomfortable? 

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