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100th post!

– My upstairs bathroom is painted entirely in chalkboard paint (my daughter and her friend’s draw and write on it all of the time). I also have a wall in my TV room that is entirely covered in chalkboard paint. – My toaster says “TOAST” on the front of it (I have had it for over 10 years, and it still makes me smile every morning). – I worked at the United Nations, in NYC, for three years. – I cut and color my own hair all of the time; sometimes it is quite disasterous, but I do it anyway 🙂 – Pencils are one of my favorite things (hate pens). – I own a black jeep (it makes me think of New Zealand, where I grew up – the above composite photograph, called “Sheepsail” is by Ted Scott, it is one of my favorites). – I am a ridiculous romantic; constantly dreaming, planning new things, head in the clouds…

Here are a few of the blogs that I read, and would nominate:

Beautiful Living Style (observations on life, style and the bits in between) The Lettered Cottage (interior design – pretty and practical) Rooms Reborn (interior redesign – more great ideas from Ann Anderson!) The Happiness Project (no explanation needed – always a good dose of happiness when you need it) Mind the Beginner (thoughts on life, and being better…) Pink Miles (pink observations on running a family and a marathon) New Light Redesign (interior redesign, decoratively speaking) Jane Pollak (entrepreneurial inspiration, and a mental kick in the bum when you need it)

For more by Wendy and the Blue Giraffe, go to:

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